It turns out that this problem can be solved quite simply. There are several ways to help remove the skin from smoked sausage in a matter of minutes.

The peel will be very easy to remove if you pour boiling water over the end of the sausages. However, after that, you should not immediately cut off the edges of the shell. To keep the product fresh and taste good, it is better to cut off a piece of sausage, and then pull the protective casing back a few centimeters and fix its edges. This way you can extend its shelf life.

How To Easily Peel Sausage From The Casing

There are other ways to help you peel the skin of your sausage quickly. For example, if you just need to cut a few pieces per sandwich, it's easier to cut off with the shell and then just peel it off.

But sometimes it happens that the peel needs to be peeled completely at once. If it comes off in chunks or doesn't peel at all, keep a few tips.

You can put a stick of sausage with the sharp end under a stream of running cold water and leave for 1 minute. This method is best suited for wieners or sausages.

If you hold the sausage over hot steam, the skin will come off without much effort on your part.

How do you remove the skin from raw sausage? Just put the stick in the freezer for 30 minutes. After such manipulation, the shell will come off very quickly.

It is important to remember that sausage should not be eaten immediately after you have peeled the product. First, rinse it under running water and wipe it dry with a napkin.