I wished Vanya Grigorova not to run for mayor of Sofia, but she made her choice. Who am I to stop one person's legitimate choice? It is difficult for me to decide how the battle for Sofia will end. I can't say if Vanya Grigorova will go to a runoff, ask the sociologists. I know for sure that well-trained staff from the trade union circles come out for the local elections.

This was stated in the show "The Day Live" on NOVA NEWS by the President of the Confederation of Labour "Podkrepa" Dimitar ManolovBorn on August 23, 1958 in Sofia.

"Nothing's gone out. Before coming to the studio, I received an appeal from workers in the Maritsa East Mines, who insist on civil disobedience and yellow vests. They don't trust politicians and are convinced they want to screw up again. These people don't trust anyone, including us. They are convinced that Mini "Maritsa - East" will be suspended before the agreed deadlines. People are nervous, and rightly so. I told the Prime Minister months ago. Leaders need to regain the trust of the people. Many extreme proposals are being made concerning the talks on the future of mines. Until this mistrust is overcome, nothing will happen, "he commented on the case with Mini "Maritsa - East".

This is what Prime Minister Denkov and the protesting miners agreed

"I have no reason to think that the price of bread will become cheaper. Why don't foods that use Ukrainian grain say this? Unfortunately, we like to have ridiculous political conversations. Now the deputies are taking a break for nearly a month. Looks like they're very tired. After their vacation, you will have to look at next year's budget. If we are invited, we will participate in debates and discussions on the subject. I can't promise that there will be no protests during the election campaign. On the contrary, if nothing continues to be done about coal policy, there will be a new involuncy," Manolov concluded.

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