Of course, I had doubts about the integrity of the machine vote, because there is a perception in society that machines can be manipulated. This was commented in the show "Face to Face" on bTV former caretaker Minister of Interior Ivan Demerdzhiev.

He recalled that in the last early parliamentary elections, the caretaker cabinet attracted IT experts from the non-governmental sector, which ensured the fair conduct of the electoral process.

Asked whether people can be calm about the honesty of the local vote on October 29, Demerdzhiev said that for this purpose the actions of the caretaker government should be upgraded.

Expert on the doubts surrounding the machine vote: People are wrong, not machines

"Most of all, we need to check the counting software if we want to be sure about the machine vote," he stressed.

Demerdjiev defended machine voting, but criticized the vicious practice of changing electoral legislation always before elections and compared such actions with Third World countries.

Let's see the activity in certain neighborhoods. To date, we only notice a change of leaders in order for the elections to be held by "our Ministry of Interior". In this way, a minimum number of votes will be brought to the maximum number of votes. I expect inaction where there is organized electoral fraud, added Demerdzhiev.

On the subject of the constitutional changes concerning the change of the formula for the appointment of a caretaker government, Ivan Demerdzhiev noted that so far he has not heard serious criticism about the formation of the caretaker cabinet or its functioning.

"The caretaker government has successfully tackled the task of stabilizing the country and ensuring fair elections. I did not hear a meaningful argument why the formula for broadcasting the caretaker government should be changed. Here the aim is all power to be concentrated in parliament, but this is how the balance is lost, "said the caretaker minister of the interior.