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One person remains missing after the fire at a factory producing golf balls in Taiwan, killing nine people, including four firefighters, authorities said.

Earlier it was reported that 10 people died, but forensic analysis showed that some bones found earlier yesterday were not human.

The plant's owner, Lounge Technologies, is a major global supplier of golf balls.

Taiwan's central news agency said an explosion caused part of the building to collapse around 18:10 p.m. on Friday, burying firefighters and workers under the rubble. About 20 minutes later, a second explosion followed, BTA reported.

The fire at the Pintun Technology Industrial Park injured more than 100 people. The fire was only extinguished on Saturday. The reason for it remains unclear.

Explosion at factory in Taiwan, killed and injured

According to Lounge Technologies' 2021 annual report, Taiwan is a major producer of golf balls, with its factories supplying products to numerous major brands. The Taipei-listed company delivered about 260 million golf balls last year, accounting for a fifth of total global production. About 80% of its sales are in the United States.

Taiwan's labor ministry said on Saturday it would launch an investigation into occupational safety at the sites of Lounge Technologies and its parent company. The factory has already been fined in the past, established during inspections.

Factory fire