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To achieve a degree and a half reduction in Earth's temperature, the promised changes would have to be seven times greater. We're destroying ourselves. The events remind me of the Second World War. There are changes that are not smooth, but sudden – the so-called. turning points. The process of rising sea levels has begun, it is already 20 cm. higher. The Amazon could be extinct in 50 years. This is the author in the platform "Klimateka" Valentin Simeonov in the show "Face to Face" on BTV.

"We ourselves are causing the storms that hit us," he said.

In his words, the greenhouse effect also has a positive side. "Without greenhouse gases, the Earth's temperature would average 18 degrees. They are useful, but within certain limits, "said Simeonov.

NASA Climatologist: This Will Be the Coldest Summer of Our Lives

The Head of the Climate and Energy Program at WWF Bulgaria, Apostol Djankov, added that what is happening with the climate is confusing.

According to him, the solution to the problem is in two directions – to reduce the greenhouse effect by reducing the impact of fuels and by smart solutions.

Simeonov said that the normal influence of the weather is stopped. "There is a blockage of atmospheric zones and the weather in one place is kept constant, which is unusual. Another factor is the high temperature of sea water. This heating forms an evaporation that feeds the cyclones," the climatologist explained.

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