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"We submitted a proposal to the mayor of Sofia Municipality with a proposal to hold negotiations with the Czech municipalities of Prague and Brno for the supply of pendant cars. The studies of the transport experts of IMRO show that due to the replacement of the rolling stock in these two cities, it is possible through negotiations between Sofia Municipality and the municipalities of Prague and Brno Sofia to deliver five trains. In the past years, Sofia has twice negotiated similar deliveries with the municipality of Prague for trains under TM 22." This was announced on its official website by the municipal councilor and candidate for mayor from IMRO Carlos Contrera.

The proposal is to hold negotiations with the municipalities of Prague and Brno for the purchase of a total of 5 pendant railcars of type KT8D5, which has a high degree of unification of the components with our multiple units, also Czech production. The work on the idea has been done for over a year, and during that time, technical studies, observations and analyzes have been conducted with the expert in the Committee on Transport and Road Safety Mario Evstatiev.

The first new trams were presented in Sofia

"Now everything is in the hands of the mayor of Sofia Municipality. The work at political and expert level has been done and it is a matter of will to turn this proposal into a real agreement with either of the two municipalities and to replace the dangerous 58-65 year old Duwag trams, which are quite possible at any moment to break up in motion while carrying passengers. The drivers in Iskar depot are already seriously worried about driving them and only with me as an expert, on my desk I have over 10 signals and opinions that these vehicles should be immediately stopped and replaced with something more modern. In 2017, Sofia Electric Transport almost failed to acquire several KT8D5 from Miskolc, and the company's motives were that the trains needed major repairs. Then we all saw how Prague bought them, repaired and used them online. We need promising and, above all, expert thinking in such cases as the one in which the security of operating personnel, passengers and other road users is also at stake", explained for Mario Evstatiev, co-proposer of the proposal.