20-year-old Bulgarian Tsvetomir Genov, who died just over a month ago after a knife attack in Gainsborough Close, UK, cannot be buried in Bulgaria. This is due to bureaucratic problems in our country.

The defendant in Tsvetomir's murder is 25-year-old Maurice Jones. He is expected to appear at Salisbury Crown Court for a preliminary hearing on 14 December. The victim's parents, however, have a problem burying their son in Bulgaria.

"We cannot declare him dead. There is no death certificate in Bulgaria. In England he died because he has a temporary death certificate, but in Bulgaria he is still alive," Deyan Genov, father of the victim, told BTV.

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According to Tsvetomir's father, bureaucratic and legislative problems hinder their desire to secure their son's last home in Bulgaria, because while an investigation into the murder in England is ongoing, a final death certificate cannot be issued, which could take half a year.

"In order to establish this death in Bulgaria, an autopsy must be performed, and in order to perform an autopsy, an investigation must be filed by the prosecutor's office so that they can give instructions to perform an autopsy," Genov said.

The municipal enterprise "Cemetery Parks" replied that in Bulgaria no death certificate can be issued on the basis of such a preliminary document, and a funeral can be done only after a death certificate has been issued.

They also said that they had sent a letter to the Civil Registration and Administrative Services (GRAO) requesting urgent response to them whether Tsvetomir Genov could be buried with the document issued by the UK.

The municipal enterprise says that so far they have not had such a case and specifies that if they do not receive the permit, it will have to keep the body in a chamber until the final death certificate is received.

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