The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported that "the new project aims to develop a luxury tourist mountain destination on the highest peak in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at an altitude of up to 3015,2030 meters above sea level." The project will contribute to achieving the goals of Saudi Vision 29, developing the tourism and entertainment sector, and supporting economic growth by contributing to increasing the cumulative GDP by more than 3 billion riyals, and providing thousands of jobs directly and indirectly." 2027 hotel rooms, 940 residential units and 391,32 square meters of commercial space.The "Soudah Summits" are located on a large area of forests and mountains that extend for more than 627 km² with a building area not exceeding 1% of them, which reflects the commitment of Al-Soudah Development Company to protect the environment, apply sustainability standards, and preserve and develop natural resources in the project area, which includes Al-Soudah and parts of Rijal Almaa, in support of the efforts of the Saudi Green Initiative. It aims to develop a distinct tourist mountain destination, and preserve the natural environment and human cultural heritage in the project area.