If you don't want to have an old-fashioned look, then you'd better get rid of such shoes. Because unfashionable things immediately make the image cheap and uninteresting. Since the world of haute couture is changeable, designers are constantly updating trends, and offer a lot of comfortable and beautiful shoes in return. Which models are better to refuse, and what shoes should be worn in the fall of 2023, read on.

What shoes are not trending in 2023

Shoe anti-trends 2023 / Photo: pixabay.com

What shoes are not fashionable in the fall of 2023 / Photo: pixabay.com

What shoes are in fashion now: universal models for women

Fashionable shoes 2023 / Photo: pixabay.com

To create a chic autumn look, modern women only need a few pairs of shoes. These models can be advantageously combined with any clothes and always remain unsurpassed.

What shoes are in fashion in the fall of 2023

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