The surgery-dependent model, who claims to have the "thickest vagina in the world", showed off her "new" 147-centimeter buttocks.

26-year-old Mexican Maria Magdalene is well known for her heavily altered appearance after spending $100,000 on various plastic surgeries, including a Brazilian butt lift, breast surgery, lip injections, veneers, nose jobs, and even eyebrows.

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Now, the girl has reappeared on Instagram to flaunt her new buttocks. She posted a candid video on the Web where she twerks.

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Interestingly, the blogger disabled the ability to comment on this post. Probably because of user criticism.

The Mexican-born model, who lives in Toronto, Canada, claims to have the thickest vagina in the world, and over the past few years, she has been doing procedures to achieve the desired "inflatable doll" look.

Earlier this year, she revealed to her followers that one of her breast implants had burst. After that, she stated that she was "returning to a natural look."

Recall that two women publicly tried to seduce a man who was going to marry their sister. One of them was twerking while sitting on her fiancé. If he gets excited, the wedding is canceled.