Well-known Ukrainian Molfar Max Gordeev said that October 2023 will be a decisive month for Ukraine during the war with Russia. According to the psychic's forecast, the second month of autumn will not be easy for Ukrainians.

Gordeev spoke about this during an interview with UNIAN.

According to Molfar, the Ukrainian army has a clear strategy that will lead us to victory, and October, according to him, will be decisive in the war.

"There will be a tough war, but, by the way, this war can be in the period, as American analysts say, of 5-8 years, because not everything is so clear with Crimea," Molfar added.

On the counteroffensive, the end of the war and NATO

Gordeev predicts that the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of the Sea of Azov will be victorious.

"In October, we can reach the desired goal. And there is a very high probability that the war may end in mid-2024," Gordeev said.

He added that the war is likely to end in negotiations because it is a "political story."

"There is also a chance that joining NATO will be accepted," Gordeev added.

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Crimea and a particularly difficult battle

In the near future we will see "cotton" in Simferopol and other cities. According to the psychic, the peninsula is already preparing for a serious war.

"First of all, Crimea is not so simple. We can see arrivals in Simferopol and other cities, there will still be "cotton". Therefore, the peninsula is now preparing for hostilities. The Armed Forces of Ukraine also need to prepare. There will be a direct such a cruel war," Molfar said.

He agreed with the head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov, on the difficult liberation of Crimea.

"With Crimea, not everything is so simple. As Budanov said: 'Unfortunately,'" Gordeev added.

Particularly difficult days in October

Max Gordeev named the dangerous days of October. According to him, this month as a whole will be "quite difficult". However, you should be especially careful on October 1, 5, 17, 18, 19.

The situation should escalate these days, but then we will have a slight weakening.

But from the 20th of October, the energy situation of Ukraine will turn red again.

So far, according to Molfar, it is difficult to understand whether it will be arrivals or some other bad news.

As Gordeev said, it is because of the successful offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that Russia is furious and cannot find a strategy to follow.

"Therefore, the terrorist country is now trying to quarrel with all countries, it invests in contracts. He is trying to make our country look bad, so that Ukrainians themselves start making President Volodymyr Zelensky leave his post," Gordeev added.

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On enemy attacks on Ukrainian cities

When asked by a journalist about the arrivals in October, Gordeev answered in the affirmative.

"Yes, the occupiers will choose some special days and launch missile strikes," he warned.

It is also known which cities of Ukraine are in the greatest danger:

Situation in Kyiv

As for the capital, the Russians will try to break through power plants. However, unfortunately, it will be very difficult not only there.

"Of course, Kyiv has the largest air defense, but we must understand that they will hit the cities that are the least protected and located near Kyiv. And these are Poltava, Sumy, Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia. It will be very difficult there. Western Ukraine will feel the same," Gordeev added.

October will decide the future fate of our country

According to the psychic, we are currently at a very important and decisive stage of the war. And October will decide a lot. However, there is also a positive aspect.

"It is that we will be able to identify some traitors. Now everything depends on the counteroffensive," Molfar believes.

About 5-7 years of war in Ukraine: are the Western media telling the truth

"In fact, there are a lot of lies about what the American media write and analyze. Yes, in a sense, they are right that there can still be a war during this time, because war is not only about fighting, but also about political games. It is also a certain spread of negative information," Gordeev said.

He confirmed that even after the victory of Ukraine, hostilities can continue in the frontline territories.

"That is, if we expel the occupiers from our territories, it is not a fact that the war will end. They will start firing missiles from different cities," Molfar added.

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