On the official page of the scandalous head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, there is a video in which his 15-year-old son Adam beats the defendant in the case of burning the Koran, Nikita Zhuravel, who is in a pre-trial detention center in Grozny.

Kadyrov commented that he was proud of his son's act and said that he "beat and did the right thing."

"I don't like understatement. It is always better to put the final point – truthful and honest...

He beat him and did the right thing. Moreover, I believe that the one who encroached on any Holy Scripture, including demonstratively burning it, who thereby offended tens of millions of citizens of our great country, should be severely punished," the "dong-dong" said.

He added that he was proud of his son's deed: "I am proud of Adam's deed. He has always been distinguished by the desire to grow not among his peers, but among his elders, thanks to which he forms adult ideals of honor, dignity and protection of his religion. I respect his choice."

Kadyrov's middle son, Adam, is 15 years old. It is known that he was engaged in mixed martial arts.

We do not publish videos of beatings for ethical reasons

The case of Mykyta Zhuravel

Mykyta Zhuravel, a 19-year-old native of Ukraine, was detained in May 2023. His Russians accuse him of allegedly burning the Koran in front of the Cathedral Mosque in Volgograd "for a reward from the Ukrainian special services."

A criminal case was opened against the guy "for insulting the feelings of believers." Then he was transferred to Chechnya.

Mykyta Zhuravel behind bars / Photo: Photo from open sources

On August 16, the so-called "Commissioner for Human Rights of the Russian Federation" Tatyana Moskalkova said that Zhuravel had complained that he had been beaten in the Grozny pre-trial detention center by the son of the head of Chechnya, Adam Kadyrov. After that, Russian human rights activists asked to transfer Zhuravel from Chechnya to the service of another region.

"In fact, this is a challenge to the entire legal system of Russia. In a particular region, they have shown that they can commit crimes and they will not be punished for it," said Eva Merkachova, a member of Putin's Human Rights Council.

What is known about the Crane

Nikita Zhuravel was born in Sevastopol. When the Russian Federation seized Crimea, the boy was only 10 years old. Judging by his VK page, he fell under the influence of Russian propaganda.

Screenshot of the post on Nikita's VK page

The young man's profile in the online recruitment service claims that Nikita is fluent in Ukrainian, and English at an advanced level.

To recap, the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine reacted to rumors about the probable death of Kadyrov and reported that the "don-don" is still alive, but in serious condition.

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