Ukrainian singer and showman Vladimir Dantes shared the sad news with fans.

After busy days of touring, the artist's body failed and he fell seriously ill. Dantes spoke about this on his Instagram page. Due to health reasons, the performer was forced to change some of the dates of his tour and apologized to fans for this:

"After an incredible and crazy first show of the tour, I have to change some of the tour dates. Sorry. I had too much faith in my strength and my health. After the last filming of my new program "House of Culture", in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, I became very ill. Instead of being treated, he continued to act, then filmed in the show "I love Ukraine", in parallel with the rehearsal of the play (new project) at the "Palace of Ukraine", which only complicated his condition," Dantes said.

Volodymyr Dantes / Photo:

The artist admitted that he does not feel well, constantly coughs, and is suffocating. According to Volodymyr, he thought until the last moment that he would have time to scratch himself out and still hold concerts. But it didn't happen as expected:

"After the filming of 'House of Culture', a new project with which we traveled to the de-occupied territories when we were in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, something very terrible happened to me, to my lungs, bronchi, that I still cough. And it's not that I'm coughing, I'm suffocating," Dantes added.

Recall that recently Vladimir Dantes shared a funny selfie with the children of his beloved Dasha Katsurina under his new track "I raise children". The showman also posted a funny video with young mothers.