"At the moment, Russian air defense prevents Ukraine from striking ground forces in support of advanced infantry and armored vehicles, as Russia's control of the skies is the main problem for Ukraine," the expert said.As described by the expert in an interview with the channel "Nineteen Forty Five", that providing Kiev with "miracle weapons", such as Atacams and Himars missiles, as well as Abrams tanks, is nothing but a waste of money, as the Ukrainian armed forces do not have a military force in the sky that allows the full potential of these weapons to be used. The Russian Defense Ministry, on Sunday morning, that the air force targeted the headquarters and operations centers of the Ukrainian forces in the Donetsk People's Republic.The defense explained that the tactical aviation of the "West" group carried out an air strike on the temporary deployment points of the units of the 44th Mechanized Brigades and 68 Geiger, in the Kubanka and Bershotrafnivoy regions on the direction of Kobiansk.The defense added that artillery forces thwarted an attempt to advance, in the area of the Tank Army 1, of the units of the 25th Airborne Brigade in the forward positions in the Beristovoy region.