Sergei Veksler, an actor originally from Vinnytsia who turned out to be an ardent Putinist, published nonsense on a Russian propaganda channel about the reason for the collapse of the USSR.

The artist, who was born in the Vinnytsia region, spent his childhood in Poltava and served in Kharkiv, and until 2021 starred in Ukrainian TV series, said that since 2014 he had supported the occupation of Crimea and Donbas. Moreover, he said that the population of Ukraine is "bound by blood" because Ukrainians "donated money, sent it by SMS to equip the army that fought in Donbas."

"They were in a complete sense that there were marginals living there in Donbas, who had to be destroyed in order to live in peace in Ukraine. I believe that it was Russia's duty to protect these people," Veksler said.

Sergey Veksler

Also, the pro-Russian actor said five years ago during a quarrel with his mother, who lived in Kyiv, that "Ukrainians and Americans" would get theirs. The Putinist's mother supports Ukraine and is very worried about the events in her native country. However, shortly before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, Weksler forcibly took the woman out of Ukraine.

But it does not succumb to Russian propaganda and even in the aggressor country continues to look for Ukrainian news and support its people:

"This is a closed topic for us. We hardly discuss it. Fortunately, kindred feelings still allow us to find common ground. We have had conflicts on this topic before. I remember saying five years ago: "Get everything, both you and your Americans." There was a big scandal in my mother's Kyiv apartment. It was about Donbas that we clashed," the Putinist said.

Sergey Veksler

Weksler said that he considers Ukrainians and Russians to be "one people" and still cannot come to terms with the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Putinist also said that the USSR collapsed because in the "dashing 90s" the Russian Federation was busy fighting crime and letting the Ukraine out of control, which "under the influence of the West" planned to proclaim its independence.

Now Weksler actively supports the Russian occupiers, who kill, rape and destroy Ukrainian people. The Putinist travels to Russian military units and hospitals, where he gives concerts.

Recall that earlier we wrote about the traitor Regina Todorenko, who was born in Odessa and began to host a show in the Russian Federation where she praises Russian cities. Moreover, the Russians suddenly stole this project from Ukraine.