The Russian invaders are forcibly recruiting Ukrainian citizens to perform so-called "military service" in the ranks of the enemy army. At least 250 residents of the Donetsk region were "called up" to the war against their state.

This was reported by the Center of National Resistance.

Here's What We Know

According to the Ukrainian underground, the Russians are actively carrying out "mobilization" measures. For example, they issue "mobilization plans" to enterprises in the temporarily occupied territories, which indicate how many people should be sent to serve in the Russian occupation army.

"In case of non-fulfillment of such plans, the occupiers threaten to change the management of these enterprises to those who will carry out similar orders on time and in full," the NRC adds.

Citizens of Ukraine who are in the temporarily occupied territories or taken to the Russian Federation are urged to avoid mobilization by all means. Unfortunately, the Russians can really use them in the war against Ukraine. If the draft could not be avoided, you should immediately contact the "I Want to Live" project.

Earlier it was reported that the invaders in the occupied territories are trying to "re-educate" Ukrainian children by militarizing education and spreading propaganda among them.