A few days ago we summoned it and today La Tira de los Lectores returns, dedicated to Cuban neighborhoods, their beauty, their daily life and some of their difficulties. We thank our readers for participating.

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From the Warehouses of San José, Church of Paula, Havana. Photo: Fefi Simón.

Cast Hermanos Cruz, Pinar del Río. Photo: Boris Díaz.

Santos Suárez neighborhood, a place damaged by the tornado that affected Havana a few years ago and today looks like this. Photo: Inocenio Reyes.

My neighborhood in waters. Photo: Dr. Lobaina.

My Havana in black and white. Photo: Alex Siman.

In the early morning, the city stops. Photo: Gilberto González García.

Not all neighborhoods have a beautiful image. Vigía Sur, Santa Clara. Photo: Imandragr.

My Havana in full color. Photo: Alex Siman.

Overnight in Guantanamo. Photo: Eduardo Ramírez García.

Calle Reina, one of the most popular streets in Havana. Photo: Gilberto González García.

Jesús María Street, San Isidro neighborhood, Old Havana. Photo: Fefi Simón.