The priest's daughter, 20-year-old Veronika Martyniuk, came to compete for participation in the project.

At the beginning of the full-scale war, the vocalist created a choir. However, Veronika dreams more of becoming a solo singer. The participant of the project is convinced that the "Voice of the Country" will help her make her dream come true.

"The choir will always be with me, I will always support it, I will always help. I want to realize myself as a solo artist. I think I will succeed," Veronika shared.

On the stage of the show, Martyniuk sang the Ukrainian carol "Give birth, God, rye." The coaches were stunned by the unique folk voice of the participant. Artem Pivovarov and Ivan Klymenko turned their chairs, because only their teams had vacant seats. Veronica did not expect that she would have to choose between two coaches.

Veronika Martyniuk / Photo: screenshot from the video

"I didn't think I would have to choose. In fact, on the one hand, I am very happy, and on the other hand, I have a very difficult choice. Both Artem and Ivan are an example for me in music, an example in producing. Artem has a flurry of energy. I told him I was too calm for him. He will never come back to me. You know, you always have to follow your heart. I will choose Artem," the vocalist commented.

In the end, Veronika Martyniuk became the last member of Artem Pivovarov's team.

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