The famous Ukrainian singer Julia Beley tried to conquer the stage of the "Voice of the Country-13".

At one time, the performer was a member of the popular band Mirami, which became famous for the hit "Sexy". However, Julia left the team, because she decided to devote herself to her family. Now the singer lives in Poland, organizes charity concerts there and dreams of returning to the big stage.

Julia Beley / Photo: screenshot from the video

"I have a mission - to organize charity concerts for Ukraine. We organized two concerts with the Polish band. The first one took place in Warsaw, we raised $15 million, and at the second we also raised $15 million for Ukraine," Yulia shared.

To realize her dream of returning to the big stage, the singer came to the "Voice of the Country". The participant of the project performed a song by a Polish singer and conquered Ivan Klymenko and Nadia Dorofeeva with an emotional performance.

Julia Beley / Photo: screenshot from the video

"I am very grateful to you for the great work you are doing for Ukraine. I want to be involved in ensuring that Ukraine and Poland are in maximum connection, sharing their experience, their culture. I would be very glad to see you in my team," commented Ivan Klymenko.

In the end, Yulia Beley chose a producer to be her mentor on the "Voice of the Country-13".

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