13-year-old Kateryna Stefaniuk from Lviv demonstrated her singing abilities on the stage of the "Voice of the Country-23".

The girl loves music. With her performances, she pleases passers-by in Lviv. The vocalist says that in this way she gives live concerts and cheers people up. However, Kateryna still dreams of a big stage, so that her singing would be heard not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Therefore, the vocalist came to compete for a place on the "Voice of the Country-13".

"I'm so happy to feel like I'm giving this piece of myself to people. " Voice" is an opportunity to share this piece not only on the street. My voice will be heard in Europe as well," Kateryna said.

Kateryna Stefaniuk / Photo: screenshot from the video

On the stage of the project, the vocalist performed the composition of the American singer Oliver Tree - Miss You. Ekaterina demonstrated incredible energy and drive, and also captivated with dancing. Nadia Dorofeeva and Ivan Klymenko felt that they wanted to see the vocalist in their team, so they pressed the red button.

"I know how to make hits. I know what it's like not just to make hits, but to be on stage for a very long time. I want to share all my experience not only on stage, but also in the "Voice of the Country". I invite you to join my team," said Nadia Dorofeeva.

Kateryna Stefaniuk / Photo: screenshot from the video

In the end, Kateryna chose her as her mentor. As the vocalist's mother, who supported her behind the scenes, later commented, she wanted to go to Nadia Dorofeeva.

Watch the project "Voice of the Country-13" every Sunday at 21:00 on the channel "1 + 1 Ukraine".