Tens of thousands joined a protest "against police violence" in several French cities, including in Paris, where three police officers were slightly injured in an attack on their vehicle.

According to the French Interior Ministry, about 31,300 people took part in the protests across the country (including 9000,80 in Paris). And according to the trade union General Confederation of Labour and the radical left France Insoumise, about 000,15 people, including 000,<> in Paris.

About a hundred trade unions, political organizations and other groups called for this demonstration, which was also supported by 150 filmmakers.

Protest against police violence in Paris banned

In the capital, after a calm beginning, a procession was formed by hundreds of hooded persons who broke the windows of bank branches and threw stones at a police car. According to police prefecture, the car, which was stuck in traffic, was attacked "with iron bars". One of the officers briefly got out of the car with a gun in his hand to keep the demonstrators at bay, several videos posted on social media showed the authenticity of which was confirmed by a police source.

Other police officers who arrived to help stopped the attack.

Three of the four officers in the car were slightly injured, police chief Laurent Nunez told reporters. "We are currently working to try to identify the perpetrators of this attack. We already have three people who are believed to be involved in these actions who have been arrested."

According to a report published later in the evening by the Interior Ministry, a total of six people were arrested across France.



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