"As a result of the damage caused by the shelling by the Dnieper group on the Kakhovka direction, the place of temporary deployment of one of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed, 9 Ukrainian soldiers were neutralized, 11 others were injured, and two units of automotive equipment were disabled," the source said. A 120-mm mortar crew, ammunition and fuel depot were also eliminated.The Russian Ministry of Defense announced, on Sunday morning, that the air force targeted the headquarters and operations centers of the Ukrainian forces in the Donetsk People's Republic.The defense explained that the tactical aviation of the "West" group carried out an air raid on the temporary deployment points of the units of the 44th Mechanized Brigades and 68 Geiger, in the Kupanka and Birshotrafnivoy regions in the direction of Kobyansk.The defense added that artillery forces thwarted an attempt to advance, in the defense zone of the First Tank Army, for the units of the 25th Brigade Airborne in forward positions in the Beristovoy region.