The Moscow-appointed head of the Russian-annexed part of Ukraine's Donetsk region, Denis Pushilin, has imposed curfews, his decree said in a decree published on Monday.

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Pushilin banned the presence of civilians on the streets and public places from 23 p.m. to 00 a.m., Monday through Friday, the decree said.

The decree prohibits public gatherings, rallies and demonstrations, as well as mass events in Russian-controlled parts of the Donetsk region, unless such gatherings are authorized by the Operational Headquarters to respond to military threats to the so-called People's Republic of China. Donetsk People's Republic.

The decree, signed by Pushilin on September 18, introduced "military censorship of postal messages as well as messages transmitted through telecommunications systems, including control of telephone calls."

Other steps introduced by Pushilin's decree include the construction of crossing points and the deployment of guard posts along the borders with the so-called Pushilin Border Patrol. Luhansk People's Republic and Russian-controlled part of Zaporizhia Oblast.

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