"Miners and power engineers want a clear future year by year how the energy transition plan will be implemented. People want to know who is making what commitments for their future."

Plamen Dimitrov is the president of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB) before the Bulgarian National Radio.

The trade unionist added that work with the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Ministry of Environment and Water has already begun.

"One of the key approaches is to ensure employment. Attempts to get coal out earlier is unrealistic and unacceptable. This is how impossible actions are suggested, people become anxious, tension is instilled. The truth can be just if the vast resources are harnessed by years so that they can guarantee people's incomes where they live, and in conditions no worse than they are now. The agreement will not be signed only with Prime Minister Nikolay DenkovNikolay Denkov is caretaker Minister of Education and Science in the cabinet of Ognyan Gerdzhikov. C, people want a clear commitment from parliament," Dimitrov said.

The President of CITUB stressed that without coal and new nuclear power there is no way to join new RES

"Anyone who doesn't make this direct connection is lying. Balancing capacities, including frequency balance, are carried out by base capacities. The request for 40,000 megawatts of new renewables seems insane against the backdrop of cutting coal out quickly or building a nuclear plant quickly. There are clear interconnections in the energy system," the union leader added.

Dimitrov predicts that in the event of a reduction and rapid shutdown of coal capacity and the liberalization of the electricity market for households from 2026, a revolution will be forthcoming.

"I say that with a huge responsibility. There is no way for the Bulgarian population to endure such a thing. Approximately 2.5 million "Households are energy poor," he said.

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Nikolay Denkov

Plamen Dimitrov