Palestinian medical sources at Thabet Governmental Hospital in Tulkarm reported that "Palestinians were killed during a large-scale Israeli aggression on Nour Shams camp, amid heavy gunfire on Palestinians and their homes." The Israeli aggression also caused extensive destruction of infrastructure and public facilities in the camp, according to the Palestinian news agency Wafa.The second Palestinian, Usayed Jabawi (21 years old), was killed by live bullets in the head as well.The Israeli army forces had stormed the camp in large numbers, accompanied by military bulldozers, amid gunfire. Dense, and began to bulldoze the main street and infrastructure in the camp, while Israeli army snipers climbed the roofs of citizens' homes.The Palestinian agency "Safa" published that "the occupation forces use "Energa" rockets during their incursion into Nour Shams camp.An eyewitness told Sputnik, that more than 100 military vehicles surrounded the Nour Shams camp, accompanied by military bulldozers, stormed the camp, swept away the main streets and caused damage to the infrastructure.