Western media reported on Sunday that there is a case of mass mortality of groups of sea urchins off the Israeli coast of Eilat, which may threaten the survival of coral reefs in the Red Sea.Marine science researchers warned that the death of sea urchins can have a negative and destructive impact on the environment in general, as this mass mortality "can lead to the destruction of the entire coral reef ecosystem." Mass deaths of sea urchins have not been seen in the Red Sea alone, but similar cases have taken place in the Caribbean Sea in the Atlantic Ocean, where a team of marine scientists at Tel Aviv University is trying to find the causes of mass mortality of sea urchins in the Red Sea. Caribbean Is it different from the disease that hit the Red Sea, trying to find out how the disease reached the Red Sea region, and if it came by ship and therefore it is necessary to clean ships to reduce the risk of spreading the causative agent of the disease, or is there another reason.