The Minister of Equipment and Water in Morocco, Nizar Baraka, said during a tour of the dams in the province of Al-Haouz, published by the ministry on its Facebook page (the activities of the company "Meta", which includes the social networks "Facebook" and "Instagram", banned in Russia, as extremist), that "the Moroccan dams in the affected area are safe," noting that their construction was in accordance with the approved international standards for the construction of dams. The analysis carried out after the disaster showed," he said, noting that the Lala Tackercoast dam - which he was talking next to - is the closest dam to the epicenter.The Moroccan government has allocated 98 billion dirhams for the development of infrastructure, especially dams and roads, agricultural and tourism activities and handicrafts, and the construction and completion of the construction and equipping of some nearby hospitals and regional hospitals.Last Monday, the Moroccan Prime Minister, Aziz Akhannouch, stressed that "the rehabilitation of the areas affected by the recent earthquake will take into account the strengthening of infrastructure and raising the quality of services. Akhannouch's remarks came during his chairmanship of the meeting of the ministerial committee in charge of rebuilding the houses destroyed by the earthquake, saying that "the technical committees are currently working in the field, to count the houses that have completely or partially collapsed," noting that "things will constitute an important ground, to determine the support that the families concerned will receive, in implementation of the royal directives." For a devastating earthquake, on Friday night / Saturday before last, with a magnitude of 7, followed by a second earthquake, while the US Geological Survey indicated that the earthquake occurred at a depth of 18.5 km and its center is the Atlas Mountains.While the National Institute of Geophysics in Morocco said that the earthquake is the most violent that the country has experienced in nearly a century.As a result of the devastating earthquake, the number of injured and injured by the earthquake, which was sponsored by the Moroccan Ministry of Health and Social Protection, until the end of Friday, September 15, reached 6,125 cases. The Moroccan Ministry of Health reported that "these cases include 873 cases of serious injuries, and 3438 cases of minor injuries," noting that the number of injured is currently in hospitals estimated at 476 cases, 81 of which are in intensive care departments, while the number of recovered people reached 4986 cases.The Moroccan Ministry of Interior had reported that the number of victims of the earthquake that hit several Moroccan regions rose to 2946 people, adding that the number of injuries from the earthquake reached 5674.