In the first half of the month, solar activity will be low.

The corresponding forecast was published by the Space Weather Prediction Center of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) of the United States.

Magnetic storms: calendar for October 2023

October 1 – the first magnetic storm of medium strength is expected.

On October 2, there will be weak solar activity.

October 5 — the strongest magnetic storm. Its peak will be in the morning, but the effect on the body will last until late at night. Sudden mood swings, headaches and inflammation of chronic diseases are possible.

From October 13 to 15 and 23-26, two more magnetic storms of weak strength are expected.

On October 29-30, there will be quite serious solar activity - a magnetic storm of medium strength.


Coronal mass ejections, which lead to the appearance of geomagnetic storms on Earth, occur in special regions on the Sun called sunspots. When the magnetic field lines on the surface of the Sun become too entangled and suddenly break, a flare occurs, but it is not always accompanied, as in this case, by plasma ejections. If the sunspot is directed towards our planet, then a stream of plasma flying through space at great speed crashes into our magnetic field.

In recent months, there have been a lot of flares with coronal mass ejections on the Sun, and this is happening for a reason. The fact is that the Sun has an 11-year cycle of its activity with periods of calm and maximum ascent. The latter is called the solar maximum, and our star is gradually approaching it.

According to the forecasts of scientists, the peak of solar activity will come in July 2025, and before that, eruptions will increasingly occur on our star, which will cause geomagnetic storms of varying strength.