On the evening of September 24, in St. Petersburg (Russia), in Shushary and Pulkovo airport, electricity went out, before which a loud sound similar to "cotton" was heard.

This was reported in local Telegram channels.

According to residents of the city, an hour before the power outage, they heard a loud sound and saw a bright flash. There is also no water in the area.

"According to locals, the power outage occurred about half an hour ago, and before that they saw a flash in the sky and a bang," local sources write.

The authorities have not yet commented on the incident.

Pulkovo Airport reported that the power supply was disrupted in the departure hall of domestic flights. Emergency lighting was quickly turned on in the building.

As for the flights of Pulkovo airport, there were no delays of aircraft.

Meanwhile, on September 24, Kursk in Russia was covered by another "cotton". There is information about a hit on the Halino airfield.