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Assembly elections are going to be held in Chhattisgarh. Administrative teams are engaged in preparations for the elections. The second special summary revision program was conducted to connect the voters. Under this, the process of removing the names of dead voters, including adding the names of new voters, was done. The name of a 93-year-old elderly voter in Kanker district was also added. Who will now use their voting rights in the assembly elections for the first time.

Name added to voter list for the first time

Name added to voter list for the first time

For the first time, the BLO has added the name of 93-year-old Sher Singh Hidko, a resident of village Bhaisakanhar (A) under Bhanupratappur assembly constituency. Sher Singh Hidko can neither hear nor speak. His son Ramsay Hidko is also now old. He says that his father is about 93 years old right now. This time his name has been added to the voter list. Now he can vote in the election. Son Ramsay that his father Sher Singh used to stay in a ladi-like hut built in the field away from home and used to be engaged in farming activities. Therefore, his name could not be added.

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Special campaign launched

BLO Rajesh Kosma says that a special campaign was launched by the administration to revise the voter list. During this time, the team went from house to house and collected information about the voters by conducting surveys. A survey was also being conducted in village Bhaisakanhar when information about 93-year-old Sher Singh Hidko was received. Whose name was not added to the voter list so far. Which was added this time. The elderly used to live with his wife on the side of the farm ladi. After the death of his wife, he returned home and started living with his son. The BLO further said that like Sher Singh, there are three voters above 90 years of age in the village.

Voting for the first time

Voting for the first time

The BLO said that continuous work is being done to explain the importance of voting. People are being told by reaching out to their homes to explain the importance of voting. He also visited Sher Singh's house again and again. His son Ramsay Hidko was inspired to get his name added to the voter list by explaining the importance of voting and Sher Singh Hidko's name was added to the voter list for the first time through Aadhaar card, photo and other documents. Those who can now cast their votes in the Assembly elections 2023 this year.

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In the second special summary revision program of the voter list started from August 1, 2023, about 74 thousand 745 applications have been received from the three assembly constituencies of the district. In which 32 thousand 299 applications have been received for adding names to the voter list, 24 thousand 129 applications for deletion of names and 18 thousand 317 applications for amendment.

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