The party "There is such a people" is a political party in Bulgaria, created by the Bulgarian television" (ITN) registered with the Municipal Election Commission (MEC) in Plovdiv its candidates for mayor, regional mayors and municipal councilors.

"We appear independently, without support from companies and other political formations. We are entering the battle not to account for something, but to fight for victory," party mayoral candidate Stanislav Balabanov told journalists.

Balabanov expressed hope that the citizens of Plovdiv will make an informed and correct decision. If they vote their trust in ITN, I will work to ask them about the decisions for the city through local referendums, we will complete all infrastructure projects on time, because the whole city is under repair, we will work for the construction of a children's hospital, we will clean the bed of the Maritsa River and we will make a full check of the previous governments, said the candidate for mayor of ITN.

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The candidates for regional mayors of the party are: for "Central" - Yordan Angelov, for "South" - Tervel Borisov, for "West" - Krasimir Ivanov, "East" - Vasil Petleshkov and for "Trakia" - Dimitar Stankov.

In the list of ITN for municipal councilors participate 26 candidates, who, according to Balabanov, have been with the party since its establishment. The leader of the list is Ivaylo Dimov, who by education is a teacher.

There is such a people

Stanislav Balabanov

Local elections 2023