All these phones were either stolen from Delhi NCR or snatched from people

New Delhi:

An international syndicate of mobile thieves has been revealed. The gang used to send stolen /looted mobiles from Delhi to Bangladesh via West Bengal. Investigations have revealed that 2,240 smart Android mobile phones have been sent to Bangladesh so far through Blue Dot Courier. The delhi police has arrested three accused of this gang. A total of 5 premium class mobile phones have been recovered from them. One accused has also been arrested from West Bengal.

Inspector Vishnu Dutt and head constable Mohit of the Anti Narcotics Cell posted in South East Delhi have revealed an international syndicate of mobile theft. Police arrested Akhil Ahmed and Nawab Sharif with suspicious bags. During the search of the bags of both of them, 112 expensive stolen phones were recovered, all of which were either stolen from Delhi NCR or snatched from the people.

During interrogation, Akhil Ahmed and Nawab revealed that they used to send stolen mobile phones from Delhi NCR to Bangladesh by Blue Dot courier, both of them have so far sent 160 parcels to Bangladesh via Blue Dot courier through West Bengal. There were 14 phones in a parcel. In this way, it was found that both of them have sent 2,240 mobile phones so far, which is worth about 5 crores.

After interrogating the two arrested accused, a man named Sabir Sardar has been arrested by the Delhi Police from West Bengal. Police have found in the investigation that Akhil Ahmed and Nawab Sharif buy stolen mobiles. Akhil Ahmed runs a mobile repair shop and the syndicate used to run under his guise.

Now the police are looking for the miscreants associated with the gang, who used to supply stolen and looted mobiles to these accused.

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