The German government has been discussing the possibility of supplying Ukraine with German long-range Taurus cruise missiles for several months. The recent decision of the United States to transfer ATACMS missiles to Kyiv may also affect Berlin's position.

This opinion was expressed by BILD columnist Björn Stritzel.

Earlier it was said that all arms supplies would be coordinated with the United States. In addition, the government expressed concern that the missiles could be used to strike Russian territory.

"All the arguments of the Chancellor's Office for the delay (of Taurus deliveries - ed.) are no longer valid. Reason dictates that the Taurus should be delivered immediately. We saw how important cruise missiles are for Ukraine recently after the attack on the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet," Markus Faber, a defense expert of the FDP party, told BILD.

The Question of Three Months

However, the problem is, according to BILD, that even in the case of immediate delivery of the Taurus, it will take time to train the Ukrainian military. It is known that the missiles are produced at the MBDA plant in Schrobenhausen. They believe that it will take about three months to prepare the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the launch of the Taurus.

The expert emphasizes that Ukrainian side first invited Taurus more than four months ago. "This time could be used to successfully complete the training," Faber stated.

As noted earlier, providing Ukraine with American long-range ATACMS ballistic missiles could persuade Germany to transfer Taurus cruise missiles. Berlin believes that it is better to "move with Washington" in the supply of new types of weapons.