Chief Executive Li Jiachao, who was in Hangzhou to attend the opening ceremony of the Asian Games, shared his breakfast on his social page this morning (24th), and was attracted by a red pastry printed with the word Dingsheng, which turned out to be Hangzhou's famous Dingsheng cake, according to legend, when the ancient famous general Yue Fei went on a campaign, the people made this pastry along the way and gave it to him, hoping that he would return victoriously. Lee Ka-chiu "sent his wishes" and wished the Hong Kong team a good performance in the competition and a triumphant return.

Chief Executive Lee Ka-chiu in Hangzhou ate the "Dingsheng Cake" for breakfast today (24th) to cheer up the Hong Kong team. (Lee Jiachao Facebook)

Li Jiachao shared a pastry photo on Facebook this morning, it turned out that he had just eaten Hangzhou-style breakfast, and he was most impressed by a red pastry.

The pastry was stamped with the word "Dingsheng" on the mold, and he quoted a staff member of the liaison office of the SAR Government in Zhejiang as saying that the pastry was one of Hangzhou's famous items, "Dingsheng Cake".

According to legend, Yue Fei, a famous general of the Southern Song Dynasty, led troops on expeditions many times, and the people of Hangzhou would make victorious cakes along the way to give him in the hope of his victorious return.

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Mr Lee said, "I would also like to wish the Hong Kong team a wonderful level of strength in the competition, great results and a triumphant return!" Whatever the outcome, I'm proud of you!"

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