Guest in "In focus with Lora Krumova" is Deborah Mihaylova. The girl was brutally raped by her then boyfriend Georgi Georgiev. Her body was cut with a mock knife and her hair shaved. The girl is in her last year of school, she is going to have a ball. In the studio of NOVA, Deborah said that her classmates are close to her, despite the numerous glances that pierce her. "They greeted me with a smile. We counted to 12. They say they won't go to prom without me," the <>th grader said.

She doesn't hide that she's afraid to go out, but she does because she doesn't want her life to end. It started intensively after the beginning of the school year. Until then, she said she didn't even go to the store. The reason – a mixture of fear and embarrassment from the eyes of passers-by.

"I get pictures that are shocking." This is how Deborah Mihaylova commented on the numerous signals from other women who have become victims of violence that she receives. He says he's gathering the strength to respond to some.

Deborah also said that the support of the whole of Bulgaria after being abused by her ex-boyfriend was unexpected for her, but gave her strength. "Before that, I felt nothing. I was standing and looking at one point," the student recalls. "I recognized my attacker. I have not known him for a short time and there is no way to confuse the man - voice, gait. We had agreed to meet and I was waiting for him at home. Until the last moment, we had a relationship," she said. According to her, their relationship was 3-4 months, but they had known each other for a year.

"He rang, said, 'I am,' and so I opened the front door. I left it open. Our relationship was very ordinary. I saw a masked man – all in black with a mask and gloves," Deborah recalls. She was doing her hair in her room. "He smiled at me and turned at me. It was his smile," the young girl said. Her next memories are waiting for an ambulance and her neighbor. It is not yet known how long she was unconscious. She only heard the sound of the hair clipper, but she felt no pain. "I saw what happened to me when I was waiting for the ambulance — hanging meats. I was in shock," added Deborah Mihaylova.

She says that to this day she feels dizzy, nauseous and has a headache. Since then, she has lost 10-12 kg, because for more than a month she ate only a straw.

The scars are on the hips, chest, back and several on the face. There is an affected nerve and a finger on the hand, for which physiotherapy is forthcoming. "Tremendous cruelty. It does not look like a human being to cause it to another one, "said the lawyer of the victim Slav Daskalov. In his words, this is not a manifestation of rage, but the result of methodology, bordering on sadism.

Deborah says the question she kept asking doctors as they treated her wounds was whether she was going to die. "They told me they were doing everything they could to keep me alive," she said.

The first signs of violence began at the outset with "quite normal remarks", the victim said. Georgi made remarks about her clothing – not to wear leggings and blouses with larger necklines, and she complied so that there would be no scandals. He slapped her every day. "I thought it was all going to go away," Deborah admits. Two or three weeks before the brutal attack, he grabbed her by the throat and blacked her out. Her boyfriend then let her go and said, "Don't worry, you won't die. I know what I'm doing."

The girl knew that Georgi Georgiev had once been married, and by the time of their relationship he had already been divorced. "If I had known he was married, I wouldn't have dealt with him," she said. She noticed that they didn't go out together, but she didn't pay enough attention to him. Georgiev was not looking for either Deborah or her parents after the violence she experienced.

To date, she is hurt the most by the malicious comments on the Internet about her. Some of them say that she is a light and paid girl. The biggest fear is whether he will be able to have his own children because of the medication he takes. Deborah urged girls who experience similar sufferings to her to share with their parents and not to remain silent.

Deborah smiled two months after the brutal violence, see what she looks like today

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