The Cuba-Europe match was part of the preparation tour held by a group of Cuban boxers for the imminent Playa Girón National Tournament in Cuba and the eighth edition of the World Boxing Series, which will begin in January. Photo: Prensa Latina.

Far from their real competitive value, the Cubans Arlen López (GTM, 80 kg) and Fernando Arzola (SCU, +92 kg) fell today by unanimous vote in the Night of Champions of the International Boxing Association (IBA), played in the principality of Monaco.

Arlen Lopez, double Olympic monarch, was far from his best form against Gradus Kraus (Netherlands), European under-22 runner-up in 2022, who hit more and better during the final four rounds.

As seen in the live video on the IBA website, Arlen had a good first round with several arrivals to Kraus' body.

But then he did not show his usual effectiveness with the right jab and his left-handed crusaders, and was unquestionably surpassed by the opponent's best hit.

In last week's match against the national squad of France, Arlen had beaten Raphael Monny 3-0.

Meanwhile, the world runner-up Arzola showed very little of his attributes and was surpassed by the Croatian left-hander Marko Milun, European bronze 2019, who came to his face repeatedly.

Arzola, superior in reach and stature, was slow in his movements and his right jab could not keep the Croatian at a distance, who pulled everything and from all possible angles.

In the third round, there was a first count of protection for the young Santiago after receiving a right swing to the face.

And in the fourth, Milun surprised him with a left-footed straight to the chin, which earned him the referee's second count. Arzola had fallen 3-0 against the mastodon Djamili Aboudou in the bilateral match against the Gauls.

(With information from ACN)