Today, September 24, Russian Kursk was covered by another "cotton". Probably, there is a hit on the Halino airfield.

Journalist Andriy Tsaplienko wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

"Russian media are nervous about the hit at the airfield near Kursk. It is unclear, however, whether it was a UAV hit or an unsuccessful use of air defense missiles2, – the journalist noted.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced an attempt of a "terrorist attack" by Ukraine. As the governor of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoit, assured, the air defense system worked. He urged the population to remain calm.

In Kursk, there could have been a strike on the Khalino airfield

It should be noted that on the eve of Kursk, a drone attack occurred again – for the second time during September 24. The drone hit an oil refinery near a local airfield.