Ilona Banevich, the ex-wife of the liquidated terrorist of the so-called "Donetsk People's Republic" Givi, told a propaganda tale that a child in Mariupol allegedly "made a sieg heil". The occupier's accomplice also called for the murder of Ukrainian children.

The corresponding video appeared on the Web.

"When you look at these wicked witches, you really begin to believe that Ukraine is confronted by pure biblical evil," said Ukrainian journalist Denis Kazansky.

"We jumped into the basement – it was dark, there was no light, the uniform was visible, there were no chevrons (on the occupiers. – Ed.). ... We were still looking for a woman. Pops up... About five years old, he saw the uniform and did "Sieg Heil". I jumped out of this basement," Banevich said.

The terrorist said that the current generation of Ukrainian children in Mariupol "from infancy to 12-15 years old" is allegedly "washed" by pro-Ukrainian sentiments.

"Children from infancy to 12-15 years old in Mariupol are all washed. This is a lost generation, and I want this generation to be gone. It's gone," the occupier's accomplice, who, judging by her appearance, suffers from alcoholism, calls for genocide.

Earlier, Dmytro Lubinets, the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, said that the invaders in the occupied territories are trying to "re-educate" Ukrainian children.

Thus, from the occupied Donetsk region and Zaporizhzhia, the Russian invaders took Ukrainian teenagers to Penza for the so-called "military-patriotic training".

Earlier, the Russians took about 80 high school students from the occupied territories of Luhansk Oblast to the "military academy" in Kostroma (Russia). In July, 280 children were taken from the occupied territories to the "Cossack Cadet Corps" in Kalmykia.

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