In one of the occupied villages in the Kherson region, pensioner Sofia Bila rescued three wounded Ukrainian soldiers. She hid them from the occupiers in the basement of her house for a month and three weeks.

Her story about this act was published on her Facebook page by Rimma Filipenko.

According to the woman, she hid the wounded soldiers in the basement of the house for a month and three weeks. Ms. Sofia admits that she was very afraid, but she saved the boys. The occupiers then walked down the street from house to house and asked if there were strangers. They also visited her house and even shot her through the window.

When the Russian invaders announced that they would stay in her house, the heroic pensioner took the wounded soldiers to Bilozerka one by one. One of them was disguised as her son, whose birth certificate she had.

They were hidden here for some time, until November 11, 2022, this settlement was liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Now, according to the woman, all three boys continue to serve in the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

Recall that in the city of Skadovsk, Kherson region, the occupying Russian authorities publicly executed 56-year-old Tetiana Mudrenko, who supported Ukraine.