The Qatar News Agency reported on Sunday evening that Qatar sent two new planes, the seventh and eighth, within the airlift to help those affected by Hurricane "Daniel" in eastern Libya.The two Qatari planes carry 58 tons of humanitarian and relief aid as an urgent Qatari response to the humanitarian situation in the areas affected by floods and floods, explaining that the total Qatari assistance to those affected has reached 267 tons.The agency confirmed that "Qatari assistance included shelter supplies, electricity generators, food, relief and medical materials provided by the Permanent Committee for the work of In turn, the Emir of the State of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, directed to send urgent aid to the areas affected by the floods and torrential rains that swept northeastern Libya and left dozens of victims.A devastating cyclone called "Daniel" swept through several areas in eastern Libya on September 10, at a speed of 180 kilometers per hour with record amounts of water, resulting in the collapse of two dams returning to Their history dates back to the seventies, and the release of millions of cubic meters of water, leaving great destruction and resulting in thousands of deaths, injuries and missing.Hurricane "Daniel" hit the homes of the northwestern city of Derna, which alone has a population of between 50 and 90 thousand people, while entire neighborhoods disappeared. The latest announcement regarding the victims was the Libyan army spokesman, Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, who revealed that the bodies of 3660,<> victims were buried, as of Thursday, while thousands of people are still missing.In turn, the Libyan government, mandated by the House of Representatives, issued a decision to dismiss the municipal council of the city of Derna completely, and refer its members for investigation., a decision that came against the backdrop of demonstrations in the city of Derna in Libya, last Monday, which were organized by hundreds of the city's residents against corruption. The Libyan Attorney General, Counselor Al-Siddiq Al-Sur, to reveal the results of his investigations soon into the Derna disaster, as a result of the floods that hit the east of the country, revealing in a statement, that "the investigations that are being conducted in order to find out the details related to the Derna cyclone disaster, will affect current officials in the government," noting that "the Public Prosecution identified a number of defendants in the collapse of the city's dams."