A spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation stated that "the ended round of negotiations did not result in significant progress."

He said: "The round witnessed Ethiopia's tendency to retreat from a number of previously reached agreements between the three countries within the framework of the negotiating process, while continuing to refuse to take any of the proposed compromises, as well as internationally agreed technical arrangements that would meet Ethiopian interests in connection with the Renaissance Dam, without infringing on the rights and interests of the two downstream countries."

The spokesman added that "the Egyptian delegation continues to negotiate seriously based on clear determinants, represented in reaching a legally binding agreement on the rules for filling and operating the Renaissance Dam, in a way that preserves Egypt's national interests, protects its security and water uses, and at the same time achieves the interests of the three countries, including the declared Ethiopian interests."

He stressed that "it has become necessary to have the necessary political will and seriousness to reach, without delay, a binding legal agreement on the rules for filling and operating the Renaissance Dam, within the time frame agreed upon between the three countries based on the meeting of the leaderships of Egypt and Ethiopia on July 13."

The spokesman stressed that "there are many technical and legal solutions that would reach without delay the desired agreement, which takes into account the interests of the various parties."