The commander, nicknamed "Lignada", told Sputnik: "When we stopped their next attack and attacked Leopard and destroyed it with the help of anti-tank missiles, we moved towards the burning equipment. We found that the tank driver was seriously injured. When he woke up and saw us, he started shouting 'Nikht Schissen' (Don't shoot - translation from German)." The commander stressed that the driver of the damaged tank "said several times that he was not a mercenary, but a soldier from the German army and the entire crew of one company." "I was a bit surprised, of course, but then I was happy that we don't care who the crew sitting in Leopard — Ukrainian militants or German soldiers — the result will be the same: German tanks will burn, and American planes will burn too, even if they are under American control," he explained.The commander recalled that when he was questioning the German soldier, the reconnaissance group doctor told him that he had lost a lot of "I asked the doctor how long he was going to live, and the doctor replied - a few more minutes. She told the German that the wound is very serious and he has no chance of survival. He said he loved his child and wife very much "and felt sorry that he agreed to come here. The reconnaissance group leader appealed to Western trainers to think before fighting the Russians, saying, "Think about the children and wives — before fighting the Russians."