In Mariupol, the occupiers are demolishing houses that they themselves destroyed. In return, they give up the building space for a mortgage.

This was reported by the Mariupol City Council.

The indignation of Mariupol residents is growing

As noted in the city council, people are deprived of private property, so they are simply robbed. Housing is not rebuilt at all and other housing is not provided. Apartments with a mortgage will be offered primarily to citizens of the Russian Federation.

Mariupol residents say that mortgages are being built for Russians / Photo: Mariupol City Council

One of the residents of Mariupol urged to understand the situation. People simply have nowhere to live, and there is no hope for help from the Russian Federation.

"Tens of thousands of people are not even put on the waiting list for housing, because our relatives died or died during the hostilities, and we cannot start an inheritance. Children wander around apartments, many cannot come to their city because they have nowhere to live. And you have seen enough beautiful videos, and you think that everything is fine with us," the woman stated.

Mortgages in Mariupol will be provided to Russians / Photo: Mariupol City Council

In fact, there are a lot of such complaints. Nobody needs Mariupol residents in the occupation, they want to populate the city with Russians and migrants. The tool for this is the construction of housing under a mortgage.