The commander of the special unit of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, pseudonym "Timur", told the details of the special operation to restore control over the so-called "Boyko towers" in the Black Sea and the landing of troops in the occupied Crimea on Independence Day.

He spoke about this in an interview with

According to the commander of the special unit, the main difficulty in both cases was the sea, since previously there was experience in conducting such operations only on rivers.

"Snake Island, Boyko's towers and the landing in Crimea are naval operations. A slightly different feeling, a different adrenaline," he said.

About "Boyko's towers"

"Timur" noted that the Russian military was on all sea platforms, but when the Ukrainian fighters approached them at a certain distance, they fled.

"In general, now this is happening not only at sea - it is everywhere. My unit is fighting in many directions, and we usually see the Russians fleeing in many directions," the officer said.

About the landing in Crimea

"Timur" also noted that during the landing in the occupied Crimea on Independence Day, help from people who are in the territory occupied by the Russians was important.

"People who are now in the occupied territories saw that we are going home and it makes no difference to us how many kilometers of sea it is. We have shown that we are close. And they showed that they were close. Without our concerned citizens there, it would not have been possible," he said.

According to the commander, at Cape Tarkhankut, Ukrainian scouts were supposed to hit the house where the Russian military lived, but, in addition, they also chased a patrol car.

"They hit this house with a grenade launcher, they hit a patrol car. We worked by shooting at servicemen who thought for a moment to get closer to us. But then they ran away from there. Our flag should have been hoisted. Well, that's it, the guys began to leave. This stage happened like this," Timur said.

On returning to Crimea

The officer promised that his unit would return to Crimea.

"We already have a lot of boats. A lot of things that can walk on water. But even if they hadn't been, we would have flown there. This is our home. Therefore, we will continue to plan, enter and work out the enemy."

As a reminder, after the special unit of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine regained control of the "Boyko towers" in the Black Sea, Ukraine also received a new Russian radar system as a "gift".