She pointed out that the head of the Ethiopian negotiating team, Ambassador Seleshi Bekele, said in his opening speech at today's tour, that "this round of talks is taking place after the successful completion of the fourth filling of the dam, which took place in accordance with the 2015 Declaration of Principles, and expressed his interest and hope that the three countries will reach an understanding on the outstanding issues in this round of talks." The Egyptian Minister of Irrigation, Hani Sweilam, announced on Saturday, in a statement quoted by the Egyptian government, through its page on "Facebook" (the activities of the company "Meta", which includes the platforms "Facebook" and "Instagram", banned in Russia, as extremist), "the launch of a new round of negotiations for the Renaissance Dam, in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, in the presence of the relevant ministers from Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, and negotiating delegations from He said that "Egypt continues to deal with the negotiations, as always, with the seriousness and good intentions necessary in order to reach a fair and balanced agreement that takes into account its national interests, protects its water security and its current uses, and preserves the rights of the Egyptian people, while at the same time achieving the common interests of the three countries, in a way that ensures development and prosperity for the peoples of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan." Efforts to reach the required agreement within the prescribed time period, especially taking into account the existence of many technical and legal solutions that allow the conclusion of a binding legal agreement on the rules for filling and operating the Renaissance Dam that takes into account the interests of the three countries.It is noteworthy that the Ethiopian Prime Minister announced the fourth and final filling of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, on September 10, a step that the Egyptian Foreign Ministry described as "a continuation of the violation of the Declaration of Principles signed between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan in 2000. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said, in a statement, through its account on "Facebook", that "Ethiopia's adoption of such unilateral measures is a disregard for the interests and rights of the two downstream countries and their water security, which is guaranteed by the rules of international law." There has been a dispute between Egypt and Ethiopia for years over the construction of the Renaissance Dam, while Sudan and Cairo have repeatedly asked Ethiopia to stop filling the reservoir of the Renaissance Dam, pending a binding tripartite agreement on ways to operate the dam as the largest in Africa.Egypt, which relies on the Nile to secure 97% of its needs from water, that the Renaissance Dam represents an "existential" threat to it.