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3 mins ago

ANALYSIS | Attacks on Crimea show Ukraine can still inflict serious damage on Russian military

The Ukrainian missile attack on the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is perhaps the most dramatic example yet of the confidence with which Ukraine harasses Russian facilities in occupied Crimea and the vulnerability of some key infrastructure on the peninsula.

Before long, the Ukrainians attacked a Russian military airfield in Saky, weakened Russian air defenses on the northwest coast (including the removal of an S-400 missile defense complex), and carried out a missile attack on the main dry dock and a ship repair facility in Sevastopol, disabling an attack submarine and a landing ship.

Thursday's attack on Saky caused unspecified "serious damage" to the airfield, according to sources in the Security Services of Ukraine (SBU). On Friday, authorities said the attack left dozens dead and wounded.

On Wednesday, a large plume of smoke rose from a naval base near Sevastopol. Local authorities downplayed the incident and said several drones were shot down. But the Ukrainian military says it successfully attacked a Russian command post near Verkhniosadove, a few miles from Sevastopol.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) noted that satellite imagery confirmed that Ukrainian forces "attacked the 744th Communications Center of the Black Sea Fleet Command... as part of an apparent Ukrainian effort to attack Black Sea Fleet facilities."

Russia's Defense Ministry said a Russian soldier was missing after Friday's missile attack on the Black Sea Fleet headquarters in Sevastopol.

"When repelling an attack, air defense systems shot down five missiles. As a result of the raid, the historic building of the Black Sea Fleet headquarters was damaged," the ministry said.

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10 mins ago

Attack on Russian Black Sea Fleet Leaves Dozens Dead, Ukraine Says

Ukraine's Special Operations Forces (SOF) on Saturday released a new statement on Telegram about the missile attack on the headquarters of Russia's Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, in occupied Crimea.

The SOF says the special operation dubbed "Crab Trap" was timed to coincide with a meeting of high-ranking members of the Russian Navy, and that the attack left dozens dead and wounded, "including top fleet management."

"The daring and meticulous work of the Special Operations Forces allowed them to hit the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet 'in time and accurately' while the Russian Navy staff gathered in the temporarily occupied city of Sevastopol," the statement said.

"The data was transmitted to the Air Force for the attack. Details of the attack will be revealed when possible. The result is dozens of occupants killed and injured, including senior fleet commanders," the statement added.

He added: "We keep moving forward!"

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