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European policy is not sufficiently transparent and consistent with regard to Ukrainian imports. In the beginning, there was talk of transit to help Ukrainian agriculture, but also to get the grain to those in need. But if this grain distorts markets in Eastern European countries and remains somewhere, that's a problem. The EU must regulate transit so that there are no fears and blows in the member states. This was stated for "Offensive with Lyubo Ognyanov" by the co-chairman of IMRO and MEP Angel DzhambazkiAngel Dzhambazki is a Bulgarian nationalist and politician, deputy chairman of "IMRO – .

He also commented on the expelled members of the Russian church. "DANS has repeatedly expelled those accused of espionage for a foreign country. Such people know that when they are revealed, they will be sent at least to their homeland. Absolute abuse is the game of soul and religion, if a particular person is judged to be a national security threat, he will be sent home. Macedonianism is an invention of the Kremlin. There has always been a line of confrontation, I suppose the activity of the expelled Russian clerics was to incite anti-Bulgarian activity in Skopje," he said.

The MEP expressed his full support for the police officer who shot a boy in a race.

"It hit a girl with a pipe on the head for robbery. Such brutal crimes must be punished. Organizations such as the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee BHC always protect the perpetrators. They always try to justify their actions. It's about a gang accused of assaulting and robbing people for several days in a row. When a police officer shoots twice warning in the air and the persecuted do not stop, and one of them reaches for his bag, what should the officer think? Should he spray a gang of looters with a water gun? The police acted according to the law. It is a great hypocrisy to defend the None More movement, but also the perpetrators of such crimes. Some of the moderators of opinions in the public try to invent the Bulgarian "Floyd", but they do not succeed. It's a different case entirely. George Floyd is an African-American who died in detention on May 25, 2020 after a police officer pressed his knee against his neck for nearly nine minutes.)

VMRO alerted the EC for manipulations with the machine vote

Angel Dzhambazki