This came in an interview with "Sputnik", the English version, in which he described the actions of the West as "crazy", pointing out that one example of this was the former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, going to Taiwan.He continued: "Many people were wondering about the reaction of the Chinese military and the possibility of shooting at the plane you are carrying." Jackson Hinkel explained that one of those who worked in the "hotline" or so-called "red phone" communications for communication between Washington and Moscow during the Soviet era, told him that the level of collapse in communications between the two countries at the present time exceeded what it was in the Cold War era."The situation in the White House is more like what it was under the Soviet Union, if there are no more contacts at all," he said. Henkel pointed out that the past three decades have seen NATO violate pledges with Russia on about 16 occasions, the most prominent of which was its pledges not to expand one meter east of Germany.He continued: "NATO did not hide its expansionist plans for Ukraine and possibly Georgia, until it reaches the borders of Russia." He pointed out that the work of the two countries economically and their leadership of the expansion of the BRICS group and its plans to find a new currency that competes with the dollar represents a major challenge to the West's colonial plans.It is noteworthy that the participants in the recent BRICS summit, held in South Africa last August, announced their condemnation of Western economic sanctions that are imposed unilaterally and stressed the continuation of their work to get rid of the dollar's dominance in transactions. That summit proved the tendency of a large part of the world, especially the so-called "Global South", to work with Russia and China economically, especially after the reality proved that the economy of the two countries exceeded the sanctions of the West, and the purchasing power of the Chinese economy exceeded that of the US economy, while Russia surpassed the economies of 3 major European countries, France, Britain and Germany, in terms of their purchasing power in 2022.Jackson Hinkel said that the greatest threat to Americans is posed by those who monopolize American resources and carry out actions that contradict With our national interests, not Russia and China.