Well-known blogger and TV presenter Bohdan Sheludyak (Boucher) answered why he did not go to serve at the front.

The new partner of the presenter Lesya Nikitiuk on the show "Who is on top?" from time to time receives questions about military service on his blog. In response to this question in The Conversation, Bohdan admitted that he was a pacifist. However, if a summons comes, he is ready to go to war with the enemy.

"First of all, they almost never write this to me. Secondly, what can I say to that? I can say that after our victory, I will not be ashamed of what I did and what I did not do, according to some person. I don't have to blush. If a summons comes, you probably will. Although I am the maximum pacifist in this regard. But when it comes to the people who came to kill you, you can't be a pacifist. If this happens, then I will act as I need to act," the blogger said.

Bohdan Sheludyak / Photo: instagram.com/bushe8

Among Bohdan's friends and acquaintances, there are already many who stood up for the defense of the country and, unfortunately, died. Thus, at the beginning of the full-scale war, Boucher lost his second childhood.

"Many friends and acquaintances are serving, and some are no longer among the living. In March 2022, my childhood friend, my neighbor, passed away. He was a military man, and immediately when the full-scale invasion began, he went to war. And during the 22nd year, a few more people... It is difficult to describe in words your inner state. You just feel devastated, you remember moments and there is a longing for a person, even if you haven't communicated in recent years. Because this person played a role in your life. And you understand that you will never see or hear it again," Bohdan shared.

It will be recalled that the recently mobilized singer Vitaliy Kozlovskyy appeared against the background of burnt equipment in the Kyiv region.