Preparing the ridge for the upcoming season is one of the most important jobs in the fall. During the winter, the soil will be saturated with minerals, which are introduced during digging. Snow saturates the beds with moisture much faster, and the dug soil is not compacted. As a result, it becomes much easier to prepare in the spring.

Digging up the soil in the fall: the pros

Digging has quite a few advantages, some of which are obvious, while others are not. So, what is the use of this procedure at the end of the season:

Why you don't need to dig up the garden in the fall: the disadvantages of the procedure

Why you don't need to dig up the garden in the fall / Photo:

However, despite all the advantages of digging up the ground in the fall, this procedure also has its disadvantages. Including:

How to dig up the soil in the fall

Here you need to pay attention to what kind of crop you are going to plant in the garden next year. The depth of digging depends on this:

It is also advisable not to turn over the layers of soil, but to transfer them to each other. Remove the roots of weeds. If the ground is too dry and rocky, then you need to turn over the soil layers. For digging, take a shovel or cultivator.